2016 Level Up Awards Winners

At the Christmas Party last week, we announced this year’s Level Up Awards Winners! Congratulations and THANK YOU to these members, who truly embody the culture and spirit of Level Up https://australianpharmall.com/viagra-australia/.

If you missed the event, find a list of the winners below:

Mr. Punctuality Award – James Johnson
Social Butterfly Award – Cheryl Pyle
Iron Chef Award – Chas Coady
Busy Bee Award – Derek Aikens
The Caffeine Addict – Jason Farrell
Ms. Fitness Award – Joyce Wiesinger
Wise Guy Award – Pernell Strom
Mama Bear Award – Briana Corbin
Mr. Motivation – Javier Davila

Boxing Most Improved – Dayna Trotter
MT/Kickboxing Most Improved – Stephanie Fortis
Fight Camp Most Improved – Leslie Prewitt
Youth Most Improved – Raul Campuzano

Boxing Student of the Year – Eriberto Osorio
MT/Kickboxing Student of the Year – Maria Tadle
Fight Camp Student of the Year – Dimitrije Kostic
Youth Student of the Year – Tayler Belcher

Boxing Competitor of the Year – Trevon Wells
MT/Kickboxing Competitor of the Year – Erin Jimenez
Youth Competitor of the Year – Evan Haworth

Rookie of the Year – Gary Mack

Iron Man – Roger Corbin
Iron Woman – Lydia Shell