5 Benefits of Boxing, by Sijara Eubanks

Boxing is one of the oldest combat sports known to man, dating back as far as the 3rd millennium, and for as long as boxing has been around, so have it’s many benefits. Boxing’s primary purpose has shifted – it’s no longer needed to squash ancient beefs – and it’s developed into a fine and sophisticated art form. Now, everyone can reap the benefits of boxing.

Here are 5 of the top benefits of the sweet science.

1. Hand-Eye Coordination – Boxing is an incredible tool to improve hand-eye coordination. With challenging and fun drills, you learn how to use your body to move, bounce, balance, and change direction while focusing on a target. Sounds complex, but the basics of boxing are easy to learn. Then, you can start practicing more complicated combinations.
2. Stress Relief – What could be more relaxing after a long day than throwing on some gloves and punching the crap out of bag? Who needs therapy! Boxing is one of the few places you’re encouraged to punch things, plus, other than swinging for the fences, you’ll have the opportunity to learn the techniques of proper punching and footwork. While you’re focusing on that, there’s hardly room for the stresses from your work life and personal life.
3. Burn calories FAST – You can burn a ton of calories in a boxing class, no matter what your skill set. So, if it’s summer body you’re looking for, boxing is the place to find it. Other than a good cardio session, boxing is also great for muscle toning and definition. Holding those gloves up really builds those biceps, and all that jump rope and foot work will pump those quads.
4. Test your mettle – Boxing is fun for all ages, but it’s a challenging and mentally stimulating sport. A great boxing coach will help you build confidence and test your mental and physical strength. Once you become comfortable getting hit, other obstacles in life seem less stressful.
5. Meet New People – It seems like it’d be tough to make friends with someone after punching them in the face, but it’s quite the opposite in a good boxing program, especially one like ours at Level Up Boxing and Fitness. After a great class of working, learning technique, hitting pad and mitts and then combining it all together, it’s hard not to bond with a few folks.