“What can I expect from my time at Level Up??”

  • Decrease in Body Fat
  • Increase in Stamina and Endurance
  • Real Life Self Defense Techniques
  • World Class Instruction
  • Increased Confidence Levels
  • A Team Environment that becomes a built in Work Out Buddy System
  • Instructors devoted to making sure your goals are achieved

“Why Boxing and Fitness?”

We have combined these two worlds, taken the best things from each, and left out the unnecessary. We’ve created a new type of Martial Arts and Fitness gym that we truly believe will change the way the industry operates. Level Up offers REAL instruction, and REAL training, from QUALIFIED and TESTED Coaches. We guarantee commitment to your personal goals. When you join Level Up you’re not just joining another gym. You forge an alliance with a team of dedicated men and women whose only focus is to make sure your goals are achieved. Let us take the stress out of guessing what to do at the gym to get in shape.

“Is Level Up only for fighters?” 


Many of our students are not here to become fighters. They are here because they want to get into great shape!! At Level Up we have a strong TEAM atmosphere. You will immediately you feel like you are at home here with us, no matter what your goals are. Unlike many other gyms that house fighters Level Up is an Ego Free environment. We are here to make each other’s lives better! Fighters train as hard if not harder than all Pro Level Athletes. So why not reap the benefits of training alongside a Pro Level Athlete without having to step into the ring, while gaining the confidence of knowing if you needed to defend yourself you could!

“I’m interested in becoming a fighter, but I don’t know the process.”

We have a blueprint mapped out to take you from day one, to your first time in the ring!

Our staff and Coaches know what it takes to get you prepared for competition. From building your foundation in Boxing, Kickboxing, or Muay Thai. To the actual application of those techniques in a live situation. You will learn how to defend yourself with our drilling systems. Get into Fight Shape with our Strength and Conditioning. Once your fundamentals are in place, your defense is sound, we will invite you to train with our Fight Team. This is where the real HARD Training begins and where the Coaches can collect data on what your focus as a Fighter should be!

“I’m interested in getting in the best shape of my life and possibly competing in a Non-Combative Athletic Event.”

With adventure races like Tough Mudder, The Spartan Race, and local Zombie and Color Runs becoming more and more popular, the ability to have a Non-Combative Competition Goal is more and more available. Over the years Level Up has competed in quite a few Adventure Races just for fun! Our Team mentality extends to all types of fitness related events. We offer top notch Fitness programs. With our goal being to stay ahead of all the newest trends and equipment needs. We have brought in and partnered up with Advanced Sports Performance Strength and Conditioning systems. We also offer TRX, and Athletic Republic training protocols to keep athletes and fitness enthusiasts a head of the curve. We have one of the area’s most popular fitness coaches Cammie Jurkowsky. Cammie a Division 1 Lacrosse Player from Penn State, former MMA and Muay Thai fighter, and Fitness Model has all your bases covered for your fitness needs. Alongside our Head Strength and Conditioning Coach D’Angelo Kinard, the wealth of knowledge for training athletes of all calibers and people who just want to be in the best shape of their life is immeasurable. Coach D’Angelo has trained athletes at the highest level of Pro Football, Boxing, Muay Thai, and Jiu Jitsu.

“What Separates “US” from THEM??”

Level Up is a new type of gym that will revolutionize the Fitness and Martial Arts industry. Our head Instructor and Owner Jason Farrell has spent the past five years developing the best Muay Thai and Kickboxing programs in the area. A former Muay Thai, Kickboxer, and Boxer himself, Jason decided to put his full focus into becoming the next great striking coach and left fighting behind. The Boxing and Muay Thai / Kickboxing classes will have all the structure in place to be sure the students are able to mark their progression throughout their training. Where Level Up differs from most Martial Arts schools is also the freedom it brings to train. Whereas most Martial Arts schools are one hundred percent structured, Level Up will also offer an open gym format that allows members to come in and work out on their own as they see fit. In short for those looking for structure and system to thrive in, that environment will be provided. For those that need a place to train on their own, or just like to get extra work outs in outside of the scheduled classes, the gym is available for you to do so.